On July 27, 2016, the light went out of our lives when a promising life with a great trajectory came to an untimely end. However we his family and friends pledge to continue with the great work that Yohan and Mandy started four years ago in Elmwood TN. To achieve this end we have set up a foundation to collect resources and money to further execute on their dreams.  This website will allow us to collect and share stories, feedback and other information required to formulate and process on the ideals of this foundation (see About).

The Yohan Abraham Foundation is deemed a public charity by the Internal Revenue Service and comes with the tax free status afforded to all 501 C(3) Non-Profits. It is currently open for business in Tennessee and Illinois. We pledge to keep the expenses of this foundation to the barest minimum by donating our time, skills and financial resources. We encourage all of you to help this endeavour by becoming charter members of this foundation contributing whatever you'd like on a subscription basis. We also plan to make available mechanisms to make one time gifts (see Donate) in exchange for a surprise gift and our continued gratitude.